Friday, April 18, 2014

Pre-Owned Campground Certification - In Search of a Reliable Metric

Our latest project is in full swing, and we wanted to share some of our thoughts about it with the community. We were inspired by the common practice of "certifying" quality used goods to have been examined thoroughly by a professional, giving a buyer assurance that they are making an informed decision with all the necessary information. We are developing our own certification program for campgrounds on the market, bringing decades of industry experience to help sellers prepare their businesses to meet a gold standard while also providing buyers with a thorough, reliable evaluation. A certified pre-owned campground meets these important criteria:

Sufficient net income to retire debt, pay the owner's salary, and make improvements.
Valuation report that justifies the asking price
Financing terms available from a bank or from the existing owner
A marketing and strategic plan suited for future growth
Property condition report and maintenance records available

We will be releasing much more information in the near future, and we hope you'll contact us if you have any questions about this exciting new program or how you can be a part of it. You can also follow @JohnHalstvedt on Twitter or join us on Facebook to receive updates about the project.

BizValueTools is now available specifically for campgrounds

Our valuation process allows you to position a business for sale in the future, improve a business, justify an asking price or an offer on a business, determine if a particular business or industry is right for you, or to work more effectively with your banker or other professional advisors. The goal of this interactive program is to provide you with a very affordable and practical process that helps you communicate with a buyer, seller or lender based on facts, not feelings. 

  • Free consultation at no cost to determine if this is the right process for you
  • Online and over the phone work sessions to complete the process
  • 30 days password protected use of our online process
  • Reasonable phone support during the 30-day period
  • Multiple properties and "what if scenarios" are welcome

Your odds for success are greatly improved by focusing on this decision.

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